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10th Annual LSSF STEM Undergraduate Research Symposium

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The 10th Annual Life Sciences South Florida STEM Undergraduate Research Symposium will showcase the scientific work of South Florida’s undergraduate Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) students. Participants gain valuable experience, presentation skills, and recognition from their peers, local colleges, and universities.

We hope you can join as a guest as we learn from our students while networking and engaging with the community!



Present your research & showcase your skills 

At the Symposium, students will have the opportunity to gain exposure from STEM industries in the South Florida region and initiate collaboration with industry leaders and peers. This year, students will have two options for presenting. They can either present their reseach orally or on a poster presentation. 

Event Date:

Saturday, April 15th at 10:30 AM




Research Winners


Guests & opportunities!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Who can participate in the LSSF STEM Undergraduate Research Symposium?

    Students from the following institutions are welcome to apply and present at the Symposium:

    • Barry University
    • Broward College
    • Florida Atlantic University
    • Florida Gulf Coast University
    • Florida International University
    • Florida Memorial University
    • Indian River State College
    • Miami Dade College
    • Nova Southeastern University
    • Palm Beach State College
    • St. Thomas University
    • University of Miami
  • What are the presentation requirements?

    This year students will have two options for presenting:

    Option 1. Poster Presentation

    Option 2. Oral Presentation (PowerPoint Slide).

    Subject experts may choose to judge the poster or oral presentations, as the presentations will happen concurrently from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm. Subject experts will ask each presenter (6-8 presenters total) 1 or 2 critical questions about their research, and complete a brief rubric accessing the presenter's clarity, delivery and overall presentation effectiveness. 

    Only applications that follow the abstract requirements will be considered. 


    Sample abstract:

    The title is to be bold, lowercase, and centered on the page 
    John Smith, Sally Jones, and Pat Advisor, Ph.D. 
    Florida International University, Miami, Fl.  

    The body of this abstract sample template contains important instructions that MUST be followed. Note the formatting above, including bold, spacing, and underlining. Your abstract (which is a summary of your project) goes here and should be no longer than 250 words. This document is single spaced and formatted in 12-point Times New Roman font. Your faculty advisor must review and approve this abstract prior to submission. 


  • I've been accepted to present. How do I upload my presentation?

    Accepted participants must create an account on Symposium ForagerOne. A verification link will be generated upon completing sign-up, which will be sent to the email associated with your new account. You must open the verification email from Symposium and click the link to verify your account

    After logging in to your new Symposium account, you will be prompted to register for the event from the ForagerOne Discover Events page or via the distributed event access link. 

    Watch this video here for specific steps and instructions on uploading your 3MT presentation to Symposium/ForagerOne.

Engage & collaborate with students as a subject expert

Are you a scientist, industry professional, ABD Ph.D candidate, or faculty member who would like to participate in the LSSF STEM Undergraduate Research Symposium? We're seeking subject experts, researchers and industry leaders to engage, advise and collaborate with our students!

Serving as expert judges, subject matter experts will serve the important function of reveiwing student research presentations, including traditional poster and oral presentations, and providing feedback to our brave presenters as they continue to grow their research and presenting experience. 

To apply to be a subject expert and judge, please click here.


Previous Symposium Winners

  • 2023

    2023 location:

    Florida Gulf Coast University

    2023 winners

    Oral Presentation:

    • 1st Place: Isabella Trespalacios, Florida International University
    • 2nd Place: Crisi Massimino, Indian River State College
    • 3rd Place: Sean Mahajan & Sneh Patel, NOVA Southeastern University

    Poster Presentation:

    • 1st Place: Erica Lin, University of Miami
    • 2nd Place: Nykkie Okoro, University of Miami
    • 3rd Place: Ronald Masse, Indian River State College
    • 3rd Place: Andrea Lora, Indian River State College
    • 3rd Place: Savannah Arvin, Florida Atlantic University
  • 2022


    2022 location:

    Online via Zoom 

    2022 winners

    Oral Presentation:

    • 1st Place: Leena Al-Hraki, Florida Atlantic University; Ian Fernandez, Florida Atlantic University
    • 2nd Place: Myra Sanders, Florida Memorial University; Chrissy Massimino, John Fitzgerald, Mary Nielander, Mya Maybank, Hannah Blossom, Indian River State College; Cassidy Loucks, Celina Nelson-Jordan, NOVA Southeastern University; Claudia Paredes, Florida International University.
    • 3rd Place: Tyler Sanford, Florida International University; Erika Pierre, Barry University; Lana Sumner-Borema, Barry University; Satviki Singh, Florida Atlantic University.
  • 2021

    2021 location:

    Online via Zoom 

    2021 winners

    Oral Presentation:

    • 1st Place: Roxana Diaz Cruz, Florida International University
    • 2nd Place: Erika Cabrera Ranaldi, Nova Southeatern University; Lia Paolino, Florida International University; Aisha Abdool, Nova Southeastern University; Maria Alejandra Chavez, Nova Southeastern University
  • 2019

    2019 location:

    Florida Atlantic University 

    2019 winners

    Oral Presentation:

    • 1st Place: Margaret Slobasky, Indian River State College
    • 2nd Place: Jenenia Perez, Florida International University
    • 3rd Place: Sharnikha Saravanan, University of Miami

    Poster Presentation:

    • 1st Place: Sabrina Rodriguez and Genesis Munoz, Barry University
    • 2nd Place: Analiese Thomas-Laroque, Florida Gulf Coast University
    • 3rd Place: Anastasia Zwenger, Nova Southeastern University
  • 2018

    2018 location:

    Florida International University 

    2018 winners

    Oral Presentation:

    • 1st Place: Esha Parikh, Nova Southeastern University
    • 2nd Place: Shwetha Mudalegundi, University of Miami
    • 3rd Place: Jovany Betancourt, Florida International University

    Poster Presentation:

    • 1st Place: Aimee Doiron, Nova Southeastern University
    • 2nd Place: John Peroza, Indian River State College
    • 3rd Place: Maria Daniela Santiago, Florida International University
  • 2017

    2017 location:

    Palm Beach State College

    2017 winners:

    Oral Presentation:

    • Ezana Assefa, Nova Southeastern University
    • Jorge Monroy, Indian River State College
    • Diarra Dia, Florida Memorial University

    Poster Presentation:

    • Danielle Bartz, Florida Atlantic University
    • Zoe Cosner, University of Miami
    • Jonathan Rivera, Florida Atlantic University
  • 2016

    2016 location:

    Broward College

    2016 winners:

    Oral Presentation:

    • tephanie Cheng, University of Miami
    • Emanuele Costantino, Miami Dade College
      • Wesam Ajavjeh, Barry, Florida International University
      • Haroldo Rodriguez, Florida International University

     Poster Presentation:

      • Sarah Mitchell, Florida Atlantic University
      • Alejandro Hernandez, Florida International University
      • Amelia Bahamonde, University of Miami
  • 2015

    2015 location:

    Indian River State College

    2015 winners:

    Oral Presentation:

    • 1st Place: Tevin Ali, Palm Beach State College
    • 2nd Place: Victoria Hoelscher, Barry University
    • 3rd Place: Lazaro Mesa, Florida International University

    Poster Presentation:

    • 1st Place: Johan Sanchez, Barry University
    • 2nd Place: Divya Pandya, Nova Southeastern University
    • 3rd Place: Christine Wipfli, Florida International University
  • 2014

    2014 location:

    Florida International University

    2014 winners:

    Oral Presentation I:

    • 1st Place: Sergeine Lezeau, Florida Atlantic University
    • 2nd Place: Hollyanne Apuli, Indian River State College

    Oral Presentation II: 

    • 1st Place: Syed Raza, Florida Atlantic University
    • 2nd Place: Sam K. Powell, University of Miami

    Poster Presentation:

    • 1st Place: Taaha Mendha, University of Miami
    • 2nd Place: Nicole Lopez, Barry University
    • 3rd Place: Leidy Gonzalez, Florida International University
  • 2013

    2013 location:

    Miami Dade College

    2013 winners:

    Oral Presentation:

    • 1st Place: Ruslan Garcia, Florida International University
    • 2nd Place (tie): 
      • Michael Butts, Palm Beach State College
      • Alex Perez, Florida International University

    Poster Presentation:

    • 1st Place: Danielle Howard, Florida Atlantic University
    • 2nd Place: Samantha Amat, Florida Atlantic University
    • 3rd Place: Katherine Leon, Miami Dade College