Institutional Members and Executive Committee

Formally established on September 23, 2011, the Executive Committee represents the leadership of institutional members comprising seven public and private universities, four state colleges, three economic development agencies, one research park and three research institutes in the South Florida region.

The Executive Committee engages in monthly conference calls and quarterly meetings to discuss progress on stated goals. Industry reports from life science companies are presented to the Executive Committee to educate and inform them about innovative advances and business models for life sciences companies in the region.

Institutional Members:


Executive Committee Members:

Sister Linda Bevilacqua Michael A. Finney
Barry University
Sister Linda Bevilacqua
The Beacon Council
Michael A. Finney
President and CEO
David Armstrong Kelly Smallridge
Broward College
David Armstrong
Business Development Board of Palm Beach County
Kelly Smallridge
President and CEO
John Kelly Dr. Ronald Toll
Florida Atlantic University
John Kelly
Florida Gulf Coast University
Dr. Ronald Toll
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. Mark Rosenberg Photo Coming Soon
Florida International University
Dr. Mark B. Rosenberg
Florida Memorial University
Dr. Michelle Howard-Vital
Executive Vice President & Provost
Robert Swindell Dr. Edwin (Ed) Massey
Greater Ft. Lauderdale Alliance
Robert Swindell
President and CEO
Indian River State College
Dr. Edwin (Ed) Massey
Dr. Matthias Haury Dr. Eduardo Padrón
Max Planck Florida Institute
Dr. Matthias Haury
Chief Operating Officer
Miami Dade College
Dr. Eduardo Padrón
College President
Dr. Gary S. Margules Ava L. Parker
Nova Southeastern University
Dr. Gary S. Margules
Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer
Palm Beach State College
Ava L. Parker
Andrew Duffell Monsignor Franklyn Casale
Research Park at Florida Atlantic University
Andrew Duffell
President & CEO
St. Thomas University
Monsignor Franklyn Casale
Dr. Richard Houghten Photo Coming Soon
Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies
Dr. Richard Houghten
Founder and President
University of Miami

Other Active Participants:

 The Beacon Council
Dr. Jaap Donath Dr. Jaap Donath
Senior Vice President, Research & Strategic Planning
Paul J. Griebel Paul J. Griebel
Director, Economic Development
 Broward College
Photo Coming Soon Dr. Rolando Garcia
President, Broward College South Campus
Dr. Roy Pocknee Dr. Roy Pocknee
Dean of Academic Affairs
 Business Development Board of Palm Beach County
Shereena Coleman Shereena Coleman
Vice President, Business Development Board of Palm Beach County
 Florida Atlantic University
Photo Coming Soon Dr. Brenda J. Claiborne
Program Director, Neuroscience
 Florida International University
Saif Y. Ishoof Saif Y. Ishoof
Vice President for Engagement
 Florida Memorial University
Dr. Rose Mary Stiffin Dr. Rose Mary Stiffin
Chair, Department of Health & Natural Sciences
 Greater Ft. Lauderdale Alliance
Todd Holt Todd Holt
Director, Business Development
 Indian River State College
Dr. Anthony Iacono Dr. Anthony Iacono
Vice President of Academic Affairs
Photo Coming Soon Dr. Paul Horton
Assistant Dean of Mathematics, Natural Science, Performing and Visual Arts
 Miami Dade College
Dr. Heather Belmont Dr. Heather J. Belmont
Dean of Science
 Palm Beach State College
Dr. Alexandra Gorgevska Dr. Alexandra Gorgevska
Professor, Biotechnology & Chemistry
Dr. Becky A Mercer Dr. Becky A Mercer
Director of Biotechnology Programs
 St. Thomas University
Dr. Irma Becerra-Fernandez Dr. Irma Becerra
Provost and Chief Academic Officer
Dr. Adrienne Vynne Dr. Adrienne Vynne
Interim Dean; Professor of Computer & Information Sciences
Dr. Alexis Tapanes-Castillo Dr. Alexis Tapanes-Castillo
Research Assistant Professor in Biology, Lab Director/Safety Officer

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