On August 17, 2010, LSSF was launched under its original name "Life Sciences Corridor" by FIU President Mark B. Rosenberg and The Beacon Council's former president, Frank Nero, who convened a meeting with Presidents of four public and private universities, four state colleges and three economic development agencies. Later on in its development, the LSSF membership was expanded to include presidents of three other public and private universities, two research parks and three research institutes.

After the initial meeting and over a year later, LSSF members participated in nine meetings and conference calls to discuss the regional plan of action that would lead to the successful creation of an industry cluster. A decision was made to develop an asset map to identify regional assets including educational programs in the life sciences and IT and the number of graduates annually, research strengths and capabilities, venture capital companies, and life sciences corporations. An Executive Committee was formed, which had the first meeting on September 23, 2011. The Executive Committee formulated and approved four LSSF strategic priorities and goals:

  1. Establish a shared communication portal, technology platform, research core facilities, and an institute of commercialization.
  2. Conduct an extensive asset map and cluster analysis of regional resources in education, research, venture capital and life sciences companies.
  3. Recruit, develop, and retain talent in the region using the strengths of universities and institutions to recruit the best talent for the life sciences and IT industry.
  4. Create, develop and strengthen programs designed to increase STEM student and workforce development within the region.

Members of LSSF executed Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) articulating their commitment to collaborate with each other toward the achievement of strategic priorities established. Recently, the initiative was rebranded Life Sciences South Florida with the tagline Technology, Talent, and Research; a trademark application for the name was submitted.

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